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Our lawyers will represent and defend you in matters related to Labor Law.

Advice on matters such as:


  • Layoffs Defense and representation in Courts and Tribunals of the Social both in Madrid and the rest of Spain.

  • Resources (supplication, replacement ...)

  • Illegal Assignment of Workers .

  • Termination of employment contracts.

  • Records of employment regulation.

  • Claims for quantity and rights.

  • Sanctions Disciplinary labor regime.

  • Geographic and functional mobility.

  • Substantial modification of working conditions.

  • Permits and leaves of absence.

  • Collective disputes.

  • Disabilities

  • Pensions

  • Advice on workplace harassment or mobbing.

  • Trade union law. Union policies.

  • Social Security.

Justice is the constant and perpetual will to give everyone their right. Justinian

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